Going Bangkok Water Festival? Fake Thai Note In Circulation Again!!! BEWARE!!!


If you’re going to the Song Kran(Water) Festival in Thailand next month. Please beware of the following notice.

Fake 1000 Thai baht is in circulation again and the most recent case came from Chonburi. One whole bag of fake Thai baht was discovered by the police which eventually leads to the arrest of a few Thai man. But that is not the point.

The point is how long have the fake Thai money been in circulation?

Here is how not to get cheated and how to identify the real Thai Baht.

  1. Go to a reputable money changer such as SuperRich or even the banks.
  2. Those operating in shopping malls do not guarantee that they are safe.
  3. Avoid moneychangers at red light district
  4. Look at the serial number of the money. is it repetitive?\

“The fake 1000 Baht notes contains the serial numbers, 2D 7874400, 9A 3828862 and 9A 3828863”

Please note that if you’re caught using the counterfeit money. You can go to jail



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