Glue addicts always like loiter around my void deck at Marsling



Dear SingaporeUncensored,

I stay in Marsling area and there always a bunch of glue sniffers hanging around my block void deck most of the time they would go the staircase landing to sniff glue and the dump the plastic bag there. On some night they would be more daring especially late in the night they would just do it openly in the void deck.

I do fear for my safety as some time late in the night they would be screaming and shouting for no reason. I did saw some of them being arrested by police before but i think they became smarter so it harder to catch them. I hope that they know that the harm that they putting themselves into cos I read that inhalant abuse can actually cause death.

I just don’t feel so safe in my neighborhood anymore.

-Scared girl


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