Girls Warns Of A Guy That Cheats Girl and Money. AND CLAIM HE HAS HIV??


“To all girl in Singapore / other countries ….. especially young lady pretty lady playing game lady in arcade… pls beware of this guy ! He is a cheater and famous having sex with other girl including China girl ….who had hiv! ”

“Whenever see this guy pls avoid and stay away from him …. or u can report to the police !!!”


“To all people especially girl outside: this guy is working at ***** back team! Pls stay away from him he is create trouble and cheaterd girl and mone”y

“I dun nows why netlink still hired this type of person even though he Nv done in company but cheat is cheat ….”

“We would like to vote ****** get fire of this company ! shameless”

The girl posted posted claims of a guy on both Facebook and LinkedIn.

News Source: Facebook post by Bear Bear


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