Girl Unable To Accept Bachelor Night. Wedding Canceled


People mingling and drinking in the Clarke Quay area on 19 December 2014. ##########yhalcohol##########NEO XIAOBIN

Dear Singapore Uncensored,

I have a friend that just got his wedding canceled after his fiancee found out that we were at a bachelor party at clark quay. The girl knew that there will be a bachelor party way before the wedding and she got all pissed over him days before.

I want to say you totally do not deserved him. We have been regularly out drinking with him since schooling days. The fact that we only labeled this drinking session as a bachelor night is because we know that we might not get as many chances to go out with him anymore. Whether or not we label the night as bachelor night has nothing to do with him cheating on you. Because that is what u think. He did not cheat. He just had a night where all the guys made him drunk and bid farewell to our regular drinking buddy.

If you do not trust him. Why agree to marry him in the first place? Immature mindset i presume?

No trust = no Love

Go f yourself. He deserves better.

Your drunk buddy


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