Girl in coma need urgent help as KKH doctors cannot find a reason behind it


Please do me a small favor, if any of your Facebook friends are doctor or in the medical industry, i will like to spread Chloe case to create awareness till now all the consultants at KK hospital cannot find a reason why she is like this and only suspect is autoimmune disease.

I hope by spreading awareness and more people will know her case it will help and encourage or even those who have similar cases to come forward. It will greatly help in one way or another. Appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

040417 – Chloe admitted to KK Hospital suspected high fever. Prior to she was still active and fine in the afternoon. Only late evening, she had no appetite and was running a high fever and lethargic.

060417 – Chloe fell unconscious and went into Coma.

080417 – Went into Critical Condition and moved to ICU

Please help to share to create awareness. Thank you.

Facebook post by Theresa Nicole B


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