Girl Goes Around Borrowing Money But Dont Bother Reurn


owe_money_debt_never_pay_back_0So this peh hoon kia Nisha Wong owes me money. I loaned her some money when she approached me n asked for help with a debt. I didnt even hesitate and gave her the loan even though we havr never even met each other before though we have mutual friends.

After her debt was settled all the excuses came flying out when i asked for my money back. More then half a month has passed and yesterday was the last straw.

I suspect she has been going around borrowing from others the same way. Apparently doesnt understand the logic of “borrow must return on promised time.” Not be like a cb and take ppl’s kindness for granted and keep churning out new excuses everyday after u have given ppl hope the day before. This is a warning to all out there about her

(facebook post by  Daniel Kazama


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