The legend of Pontianak, the ghostly spirits that reside in Banana trees has been a story passed down through the ages. We often heard from elders not to disturb the Banana tree.

“Boy Don’t Touch The Banana Tree”

Jacob Lee 34-years-old, A Singapore self-proclaimed ghost hunter decided to test the system and tried if he can use the ‘powers of the spirit’ to help him win the lottery.

According to stories, one must use a needle and poke it into the tree and tie it with a red string and the other end of the string should be tied to the legs of a bed. Jacob tied it to himself and went to sleep instead to the legs of a bed. The story happened near Murai Farm way, nearby Lim Chu Kang Cemetry. Jacob believes that the area near the cemetery has more ‘yin qi’. Or ghostly auras in the area. Which will make him easier to invoke the Potinak from the banana tree.

He brought a sleeping bag and did the red string ritual. He eventually went to sleep with the red string tied to his toe and sleep. He dreamt of a woman who tickled his foot and whisper.

“In Exchange For The Winning 4D Numbers, You Will Set Me Free”

It is unclear if he ever won the lottery but one thing was certain. Jacob left the area with a wound similar with needles poking at his ear.



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