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i really need to let this off my chest. everybody be careful of dis scam! my gf of 4 yrs cheated on me after listening to some fake chinatown fortune teller that i’m not the one for her! her friend intro her to dis teller and i think she started going cuz of curiosity at first. sometimes she tell me things the fortune teller told her, like im not the right match and our relationship wont be stable. and then one day she said she will have abortion if we continue to be together! the stupid fortune teller said my gf must find someone 3 yrs older otherwise she wont have a good future. at that time i just laugh cuz its STUPID!

but then i realise my gf started to be cold to me. i tried to talk to her cuz i scared she get influenced by the fortune teller. i always thought she is not the superstitious kind but i dont know why she suddenly changed so much! a few mths later she told me she wants to break up! i tried to keep her but she didnt want to listen to me anymore. what did the fortune teller do to poison her mind like that?! she is still not talking to me and is seeing a older guy already, but i really dont want to lose her cuz of this scam! it is so not worth it!!!

Part 2

my gf finally talk to me but it is to ask me to stop pestering her cuz she has found a new life. she said she’ll block me if i continue to spam her msg. i keep trying to know who is her friend who intro the fortune teller and where the person is from but she refuse to tell me anything up till now! and what new life?! i always thought we’ll share a simple and good life together. dis is so unfaiheartbreakingeaking and ridiculous!

Addie Tan


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