GF asking for a Loan To Buy Prada Bag. “I TOLD Her TO F OFF”


proDear SU,

After 11 painful months i decided to move on and broke off from this burden girlfriend. This woman Shermaine Lau has been nothing but a burden to me. This is the 3rd time in 2 months she has asked me a loan to buy branded garbage.

She told me this

“I need to keep up with my friends or i will lose face”

Knn lose face? You lucky i never smack your face. If cannot afford then don’t try to hang out with your this so called “friends” or “sisters”. Real friends don’t care what you have or can afford.

I got money and i make a good amount every month. But money spend on you is like burning the money. First 2 loans have not return come ask me for a 3rd loan. This kind of girls will be forced to work as prostitutes in the future.

Wake up la u f*ucking bi*ch

“The first two loans take it as the fee for f*ucking u 5 times a weeks for the past 11 months. Quite Worth It.”

Send in via: Alvin Ng


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