Last weekend at a Durian shop in Geylang a monk approached me and said he will give me enlightenment and luck. Initially, i was just picking the Durians and notice a monk was standing near the durian shop and stared at the customers buying Durian.

While eating the Durians, the monk approach me and started chanting some nonsense. He said to me in PRC accent

“You are the man I have been searching for, I am here today to provide you guidance for your life and career”

I ignored him and continue eating the durian

“Young man, listen! Heed my words or great disaster will fall upon your family and love ones”

I replied: “You better stop cursing my family or i make sure this great durian will fall upon your shiny head”

Monk: ” Young man, control your temper. I have a solution for you, this magical braclet as been blessed with the holy flowers of ( i dono wtf he saying here) ”

Me: “You trying to sell me stuff?”

Monk: “Monks don’t practice selling of stuff, we merely call it renting of good luck from the master. All you need to do is provide $50 for me to buy food and be on my way”

Me: “I calling police now”

The monk panicked and ran away. What a loser.Now a days i notice more and more fake monk and nuns at Geylang. I even heard some fake nuns by day, disco girl at night”



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