Geylang Guy Want Sell Me Thai Amulet With Real Baby Fetus Remains


img_6395Dear Singapore Uncensored,

Last week at Geylang lorong 16 at around 8pm. I was walking around the area hoping to see some action about the big fuss in this infamous district. A man dressed in a full clothes of yellow approach me and said that I’m down on gambling luck and wanted to sell me a Thai amulet.

He claims that this amulet is very powerful and comes from a ancient temple from Nakhon Ratchasima City and blessed by holy man that have trained for years under the care of a powerful ah chan. He told me that after “borrowing” this amulet from him I will be able to win lottery and have prosper in my business. The funny thing is i believed this man saw me keeping my lottery tickets while i’m tidying the wallet.

He told me that this power also requires another amulet to control it as this was made using the ashes of a real baby he told me that i needed a Khun Pen Amulet to control and care for it and i need to give regular offerings to the amulet such as milk and candy.

I was curious about it and he told me that it will cost me $800 for the blessings and teaching me how to chant and maintaining the “power”. The additional amulet will cost me another $400. There is $1200!!! I ignore him and said that i do not have so much and it became a bargain game for him and the price slowly reduce. I had to ignore and run away before it give up.

Submitted By: Eric Chua


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