I am an exchange student in one of the university in Singapore due to budget constraint I choose to stay nearby the red light district where rent is cheaper I thought since I quite well travelled plus it only for a few months. After all back in the states I used to live in hood.

The first few week was pretty much fine routine with few of them approaching me to say hi I just smile and walk on. One fateful night it was after a house party that uni mates organized I had much too drink so I was heading home with a bit of stumble.

Tonight out the blue the lady approached me which caught me off guard as they usually won’t will not harass me as they know I stay around that area. I tried to walk away but she gave me a hug from behind and whisper to my ear I want to see your anaconda. I keep tell her I need to go home and tried to break free from her. But being high with alcohol I guess my resistance was futile.

The next morning I woke up in a budget she was gone and so was the money in my wallet, I hope I did wear protection that night.


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