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On Jan 10 after a gas leak was uncovered in the blk service pipe residents of Pasir Ris living in HDB block were requested to leave their home.

It was reported that at the blk 610, Elias Road a strong smell of gas had stay in the air since 10am amounting a duration of around eight hours.

With the authorities having investigation and repair works being done, for at least 3 hours the foot of the block of an area was closed.

A 87-year-old who stayed there, who lives on the third floor, said he saw the smell at home at around 10am, yet did not know where it had originated from.

He stated: “At first, the smell was very light and we suspected that it would leave sooner or later. Be that as it may, rather, the scent ended up noticeably more grounded and the police even went to our way to request us to leave our home.”

Occupants from the first to seventh floors were asked evaluated.

Specialists from Singapore Power and CityGas were seen at the place

The smell which was similar to gas started to scatter just at around 6pm and inhabitants were permitted to come back to their homes at around 7pm.

A representative for Singapore Power said that it was alerted to the speculated gas leak at 5.10pm and officers were dispatched to the site instantly.

“In our examination, we found a little break in the administration pipe providing gas to the piece. We promptly did repairs and the work was finished by 8.50pm,” he said.

The representative included that there was no interruption to the gas supply in the piece.



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