i am with my mother and we were queuing at the counter at Supermarket. When its our turn realised that the papaya was not weight so told the counter cashier to scan first and I will walk back with the scan price very fast.

One or two minutes back saw this lady pushing the basket and starting to scan infront of my mother. She just push the basket at the left hand and then looked at her and said she should have moved. She cannot moved she is on a wheelchair.

After the cashier finished, the husband came and asked me to moved as they still have more. I asked them to pay finished this basket or queue behind me as the other counters were empty or go to the empty counter as they had already cut queue and they can just paid separately.

this rude guy started to scold me many many times stupid moron. . so I flare up. the wife injured my mother never apologised. They could moved her wheelchair back instead of banging through when there is no space to moved out. then the husbang repeatedly called me a stupid moron in a public place with so many people looking.

Not ashamed you cut queue of a handicapped person , banged her and then scold her caregiver stupid moron. I dont know which company has recruited them in singapore and then they called me xenophobia. They are inhuman for bullying handicapped people . Why do they keep bullying my mum.

i was disappointed with supermarket for the whole episode. If they cannot wait for the papaya to be weight can tell me i could buy another day. They should push my mum back instead of allowing another person to bang her and why do they do it???? why this uneducated person come to singapore????

This is not Xenophobic this is standing up for myself and my mother. No one can bully my mum and me.
No one should called themselves human after they bully handicapped person.

I never know calling people stupid moron is being nice. This is really educational. We have no better people to work here to need bully of elderly handicapped person give me a break

Source: FB post by ‎Emily Chan Woanli‎ 


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