FT Bangladashi and Pinay found dead in Geylang hotel



The two bodies, having a place with a 22-year-old Bangladeshi worker and a 33-year-old Filipino house keeper, were found at around 11.30pm in their inn room, when they neglected to look at on time.

The two had registered with a room at Summer inn, situated at Geylang Lorong 22.

The lady was discovered lying face-up and completely bare on the bed while the man was discovered clad in a couple of briefs and lying in a pool of blood on the latrine floor.

Both had cuts on their throats and wrists, and a blade was found in the blood-splattered room.

The man is suspected to have cut the lady’s throat and left her to seep out, while he wounded himself in the throat in the latrine.

It is trusted the more youthful man and the more older lady were having relationship issues at the time.

Both were affirmed dead by the police at 11.50pm the previous evening.

The police have characterized the case as an unnatural demise and are exploring.

(source: sammyboyforum)


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