FT allegedly giving nasty remarks because he wasn’t happy the safety coordinators


As a reader just sent in that he came across this supposedly FT posting very rude remarks about a certain race. He then later claimed that his account was being hacked and that was a fake account that someone is using to smear his name? What do you think Netizens?

UPDATED: Just an update his friend told me he just “got promoted” to be Singapore Citizen..

Reader contribution

Actually he was making very nasty comment about a certain race calling them “no shame” and “working dog”



A letter was supposedly sent to his company to inform him of his “misbehavior”

This is what he wrote when the post went viral.

Pandithurai Sivalingam: Hi All, Its not my Facebook account. Someone created fb account using my name, photo and company name. I’m already made a police report about this fake account and even request Facebook to take action on this.

what do you think netizens? Is his account really being hacked??


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