nfggnHi all, I am a victim of a scam. They sent threatening videos and photos to me. (I am not the person in this photo). The name “Kenny” which appeared in the 2nd photo called me and threatened to harm my family.

Long story short, this guy by the name of Victor texted me an advert. Thinking of getting a loan, I enquired from him. He transferred $700 to me as a trial loan. Said I need to return him $1000 the following week. When the date came, he delayed in letting me know the account number. So I had to pay a $300 penalty.

The following week, I’m supposed to pay him $1000. He kept delaying in giving me the account number. Then someone texted me out of the blue, say to pay to an account before 630pm. I asked if he is Victor’s colleague, he said yes. I called Victor to verify but he didn’t pick up my call. So I transferred the $1000. Then this guy asked am I Ken? I said no. He asked for my mobile number and said he got my last 2 numbers mixed up. I asked him to transfer the money back to me. He said he need to check with his boss. And will return me in 3 days’ time. He identified himself as Jordan.

Victor called and asked what happened. I said I transferred the $1000 to his colleague. He said he didn’t authorise anyone to text me. Sensing something was wrong, I discussed with my family. They asked me not to take up the loan with Victor. Victor said I need to pay $2200 as a cancellation. I asked if i can do it over internet banking. He said yes. So I transferred that amount. Then he said the account holder whom he rented the account said it has to be cash deposit and demanded that I do it using cash deposit. I asked why can’t he withdraw the amount and cash deposit it himself. He said cannot. So i made a cash deposit of $2200 to him.

And this Kenny guy said when I did the internet banking, I screwed up his order and demanded I pay another $2500. Fearing for the safety of my family, I paid. He said will return me the $2200 the next day.

Come next day, he texted me saying he need $3500 for messing up his bank account. I didn’t reply. He texted again, saying his boss ask for $2000 to settle. I made a police report. And reported and block victor and Kenny number on whatsapp. The following night, my wife received 3 threatening messages. I made a police report for her. And 3 days later, the guy who said will pay me the $1000 never replied. So you can see, that’s how they scammed me.

i went online and found some info on how they operate.

On the forum, someone wrote:

“Yes I know, they have 10 or 20 different numbers and they are just going to message you from another number. But honestly think about it, even if they have 100 numbers, It takes us 5 seconds to report their number and when their accounts are blocked on whastapp they would go into panic mode because a lot of their debtor information is on their whatsapp. The key function is to report them as spam and whatsapp will ban their account which would really hold them back and frustrate them more.”

I would like to share these numbers with you so that you can help me to report and block them on Whatsapp. It consist of the group of 3 people who scammed me and the rest are unlicensed moneylenders who texted me their advert. Please feel free to share with the people you care for, thanks!

86176286 (illegal betting)
91569859 (illegal betting)

Added on 3 Oct 2018:
+66 6-2643-4706 (online betting)
86250884 (loanshark, very aggressive. How can I missed his number in the numbers above?)

Added these numbers on 4 Oct 2018:
+60 1133 119865
016-494 2756

Added on 5 Oct 2018:
91740819 (online betting)

i was scammed a total of $7500 out of fear for my loved ones. These cowards feed on fear.

Let us each take a while to report and block these scammers from doing more harm to people around us. Thank you!

Alvin Lee


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