Free Amos Yee for USA asylum



Amos Yee is a Singapore YouTuber who has been captured in his nation, Singapore, twice to criticize the Singapore government, Christianity and Islam. He came to America to look for shelter so he could practice his free discourse yet because of the US’s imperfect migration arrangement, in the wake of listening to that Amos wished to look for political refuge in the US, the movement officers captured him and Amos has been in American correctional facility since Dec 16 2016, anticipating his court date and optimistically discharge on Jan 30th 2017.

Amos’ capture is silly, highlights the blemishes of migration arrangement and is opposing to the standards of free discourse America cases to hold.

This request of was made to request the prompt arrival of Amos from American correctional facility. He ought not need to stay in prison any more extended for making a request to look for asylum from a nation that has detained him for practicing his free discourse.



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