Foreigners arrested In Thailand, Thai police found guns, dead body

epa04888160 Thai police at work after an explosive device detonated at Sathorn Pier, Bangkok, Thailand, 18 August 2015. Witnesses reported a bomb was thrown from the Sathorn bridge and bouncing into the water, fortunately causing no casualties. The incident occurred a day after a deadly blast killed scores of people near the Erawan Shrine in Thailand's capital.  EPA/DIEGO AZUBEL

Thai police attacked a Bangkok building Friday (Sep 23) and captured five outsiders after a shootout, finding firearms, gem meth, fake travel permits and the dead body of a lady covered up in a cooler.

Four men and one lady were captured, by officer of Thailand’s vacationer police Surachet Hakpan, who included that three of the men communicated in English yet police were all the while checking their nationalities.

One of the men opened the way to the four-story building and after that, acknowledging it was a police strike, got a firearm and began shooting, harming one officer, police said.


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