Foreign worker washing cars in HDB MSCP, Legal meh?


Dear Singapore Uncensored,

Notice that recently there are a lot of illegal foreign worker washing cars in the HDB MSCP parking lots. Isn’t there a rule restricting vehicles wet washing in HDB site? Are there anyone in the authority to prevent this action from happening ? why are there so many illegal workers loitering around our car park and no one is doing anything ? i have 3 kids under the age of 5, i seriously don’t feel safe at all.

Moreover, my car have been having a lot of water stains on a few occasion even when it’s not raining. minor scratch have been found twice on the side of car. is the water stain mark part of their tactic to solicitude customers?

During coffee shop talk, i have understand that they are being managed by local street gangs. HOW can this be possible? gangster still exist in Singapore? We were told to contact MOM for this issue. when contact MOM, they told us to report to SPF when we see them so that SPF can get their work permit ? Taiji at it’s best?

Irritated AMK Resident


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