Foreign Workers Part Time Queue Bak Kwa Is Illegal. But FT Work In Disco Police no Catch????


bangladeshi_bak_kwaImage source: coconut media

Right before Chinese New Year. Foreigners were hired to work part time to queue up for Bak Kwa and were paid $5/hour.

MOM Lim Swee Say come out and mentioned that getting the foreign workers to do this is illegal. The foreign workers said that during Chinese New Year that is not much work and they would like to use the time to make pocket money or extra for their families.

One incident of workers queue up and buy Bak Kwa want make noise. Is it unethical? Or because the part time money don’t go through any tax?

Then this Geylang Bit*ches in disco let u touch touch then take $20 for more than 10 years no catch? You might say those have work permit. But i believe there are so many that does not have! The govt really need to focus on what’s right and wrong addressing minor issues of foreign workers queueing up about bak kwa is a complete waste of time.

The focus should be catching people coming into Singapore and doing ILLEGAL stuff. Catching this “Bak Kwa Part Timers” will not make Singapore a better place.


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