“How Lian” Boss sided Ignorant Female Staff!
This Lor Mee Stall #01-13 at Ci Yuan Hawker Center !!! Boss dare to tell me off老板说吃不起就不要吃😠

Update more details here
“I bought 2 bowl of Lor Mee for me and my friend. Unknowingly my friend bought himself satay bee hoon. Thinking not to waste the other bowl, I decide to ta pao for my another colleague later for his lunch. After I had finished my Lor Mee, I took a 20cents with me because I know there always a charge for taking away…
…Asking the female staff to help me to take away the untouch whole bowl of Lor Mee.. she pass me a plastic bag, asking me to pack myself. 😏 (fyi, my right hand is in bandage at that time and there is no crowd at all)
I ask her how I am holding the plastic bag and pour the mee at the same time. Do you know what?! She replied she can, why I cannot😠… No choice in the end I really pack the mee into the plastic bag and tie myself.
I ask if I can have extra lor mee sauce and if need to pay, I will. She pour some sauce into another plastic bag, charge me 20cents. I gave her 20cents without ask any questions since I was prepare to pay.

I really become very angry when the boss not in the stall just now and without knowing any facts, flipping here & there my food inside red plastic bag which I left on the table outside the stall. When he saw 1 pkt of mee and 1 pkt of lor mee sauce.. he shouted loudly at me, telling me off ”你要什么service! 吃不起就不要吃! ” He shouting ” what type of service u want? and if you cannot afford to eat, then no eat! ” (just because I ask for separate pack) 😡😡

I also shouted back to him.. “Is not free OK. I got paid 20cents for lor mee sauce ok!” The boss’s face stunned awhile and the female staff then quickly come out from stall, telling the boss I did paid her. Luckily the manager of Fei Siong Management Agent witness this and keep apologised to me after that.

..When the boss used his hand digging my food which paid, I really feel if I am criminal? I just leave the red plastic bag on the table and walk off. 老板狗眼看人低! You are not the only Lor Mee stall in Hougang. Wish you all the best in your business then!!” I really hope NEA should make Ci Yuan where place should feel warmth like home.


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