Five-year-old British girl died of an asthma attack after doctor turned her away for being late!!


A doctor turned away a five-year-old British girl died of an asthma attack just because she was few minutes late for an appointment.

Even though Dr Rowe was given a warning and a secret disciplinary hearing she is still practising medicine in South Wales.

Ellie-May Clark had an appointment with Dr Joanne Rowe at 5pm on Jan 26 2015 was living in Newport after an asthma attack. For the past six months she had several serious asthma attacks.

Dr Rowe turned the girl and her mother away because they were late even though it was an emergency appointment.

An official report said they were eight minutes late despite Mrs Clark proclaim they were four minutes behind time.

The patient was more than 10 minutes late Dr Rowe said that she  turned them away.

As it was an emergency appointment, another doctor at the clinic questioned the decision to request the child to come back in morning

Mrs Clark found that Ellie-May had suffered another attack and stopped breathing at 10.35pm that night. She passed on even though she was rushed to hospital.

Dr Rowe’s refusal to see Ellie-May to be the found by a National Health Service report to be ‘root cause’ of the child’s death.

A hearing was held behind closed doors warning was issued to her.

Due to Dr Rowe clock-watching attitude who murder the girl an apology was never given from Dr Rowe.


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