I knew this instructor when I sign up for personal trainer with fitness first. At first, he was a good trainer so I still sign personal lesson with him even when he resign from fitness first.

I still continue my training session with him in some gym call Dynamic Fitness. So that time we agree $90/per lesson(so which mean if there is no lesson done, there wont be any deduction). But I need to pay for 8 lessons first before he can take me as his clients. (As he told me he need the money urgently) So I paid him a total of $720.

I start having two lesson with him as I am very free and got time for training. But things start to go wrong when I start my new job. As I am busy with my work, I dont have time for training, which also means I still have
$560 balance(as no training lesson was done so there will be no deduction except for the two lessons I scheduled before).

Since the month before raya, he checked with me but I was busy due to the new driver job so didn’t get back to him and since then he didn’t check on me anymore. Right now, I have been chasing after him for the balance back in a nice and easy way but he blocked me in all channel. So I have come to decide to make this public and whoever are planning to take a instructor please look carefully at the person you are looking for.

For anyone that knew him, please kindly refer this to him. I dont care what people have to say but I will wait and see if he is going to return the money or not, otherwise I will be making this into a police report. #freelancerfitnessinstructor #PTI #fitnessfirst #fitnessinstructor



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