TLDR somebody forgot to turn off their fitbit.

for a sunday data science experiment, i spent less than 20 mins figuring out the patrol paths, supply routes, trails and roads within Gombak Base, where the Ministry of Defence in Singapore is situated. given the area is a highly sensitive place and google map actually blurred out key details of the area since it’s a red zone, you can still figure out and get lots of intel with the trove of data that recruits/staff and share publicly everyday within Bukit Gombak camp area, likely from their smart watch or health trackers

blue markers: path that is inferred from dataset where it is ‘unmarked’ or ‘not annotated’ within google maps

green markers: path likely where recruits do their daily morning/afternoon/evening exercise or runs

photo is before and after i annotated based on dataset.

pro tip: you can probably do so for other military camps around the world and find activity even for secret bases. look out for oval running tracks. and as long as they carry a fitbit or any watch such as a exercise tracker, you’ll be able to do it

dataset is from strava, derived from most of your health trackers e.g. fitbits, samsung gear etc

inspired by the work of tobias schneider who use this technique to detect US outposts in mosul, syria and many other places

Source: FB post by Muhd Amrullah


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