Marie Antonette Buhain Liagas, a 41-year-old woman attacked a Taxi driver with her shoe after vomiting in the taxi.

It is believed that the woman was under the influence of alcohol when she committed the crime. The driver Chua Cheng Hwa noticed that the woman reeked of alcohol after the woman entered the vehicle. The driver passed a plastic bag to the woman in case the woman was to vomit.

Shortly after, the woman vomited. The driver stopped and check the condition of the vehicle.To his horror, the seats were stained with vomit and the vehicle was emitting a strong unpleasant smell. Liagas promised to pay an additional of $50 for the inconvenience but upon reaching the destination she fled with her boyfriend.

Mr Chua attempted to chase them down. Only to hear Liagas saying that she will go up to take cleaning equipment and clean up the mess. Mr Chua followed her up and she threw 2 pieces of $10 at him. When he questioned why she did not properly paid up the taxi fare, she refused an explanation.

When Mr Chua took a photo of her. That is when the fight begun. She removed her shoe and started attacking him.

Ligas was jailed for 5 weeks. Too light?


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