Fight At Geylang, Beer Bottle Smashed Into The Face


fight-in-convenience-storeIt started with a man blaming another for taunting upon him, swelled into an unstable contention and finished with the informer hitting the other man’s head with two beer lager bottles.

Part of the episode, which happened at a 24-hour comfort store close Lorong 19 in Geylang around 9.40pm on Sunday, was caught on video by a female shop worker’s cellular telephone camera.

The minimart boxx, who needed to be referred to just as Mr Liu, 49, said yesterday that the aggressor, who was a usual customer at the store, was purchasing cigarettes and soda pops at the time.

Mr Liu’s female partner had let him know that the man, who wore a dark T-shirt, was paying at the counter when a more established man and a companion entered the store to purchase cigarettes.

All of a sudden, the main man boisterously blamed the more established man for chancing upon him and began swearing.


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