Fight Among Couple Resulted The Death Of Onlooker At Circular Road


dsc_0253(image for reference. Source: SG Asia City Website

On Christmas Eve, fight among 4 resulted in the death of a onlooker.

The fight happened after a couple had quarrelled outside a bar on Christmas Eve. The fight attracted much attention and quickly drawn onlookers in the area.

Muhd Nazmir Osman, a friend of the couple confronted the onlookers and attacked the onlooker in the face. Five other friends Muhd Adnan Abdullah also joined Nazmir to beat up the two onlookers.

Later on Adnan went on to attack another onlooker. Later that night those there was attacked by Nazmir and his friends returned to the bar to confront the attackers. Only to know that they were not allowed to entered. Mohd Salleh who was from another bar down the street heard the commotion and shouted at the group with vulgarities. This made things worse and another fight began.

A onlooker John Denley an onlooker wanted to stop the fight only to get punched and his head hit the kerb which resulted in his death few days later.

The group of trouble makers were given 18 to 42 months of jail term and 6 strokes of the rotan


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