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I was about to pray, and heard noise coming from the ablution section of the prayer room, so I looked at the ablution place and saw three guys (believed to be Chinese nationality based on their thick accent), one of them seems to understand when I and another Muslim guy told them that it wasn’t the place to urinate. But two of them just ignored happily pulled out their disgusted private and shoot away happily on the wall (ablution section).

Not happy, with my bare feet, I walked out of the prayer room, and thank god there was an Auxiliary Police coincidentally walking towards me. Asked him for his assistance to handle the situation, when one of the happy shooter walked out.
After performing my prayer, walked out of the prayer room and still saw these happy shooters, with no regards and respect for other religion, still with the Aux Police and few MRT personnel. I hope MRT is smart enough to handle this kind of case.

U r a lawyer and u threaten me for two years
I am gonna make this right ONCE AND FOR ALL
I know u r close to the police and law system
But i am not afraid of the TRUTH
This is NOT LOVE
Domestic violence is NOT RIGHT
U left me yesterday morning before i went for my morning operation and said u want to move out n go home
I just came out from emergency operation room for 9 hours and reached Malaysia this morning and u just never leave me alone
Two years u been violence and i kept so quiet because i didnt want people to laugh at me

We broke up yesterday before my surgery u said u wanted to move home and say i treat u like a dog and say i wasn’t understanding and im a bad gf repeating this to me for past one year plus. Put aside how despair i feel about ur repeated slamming n statement making me feel lesser than myself and putting me down all the time. I know u r POWERFUL AND A LAWYER and always find ur way and also threaten me with ur DAD n say u can ask ur dad to KILL ME N MY SIS
But i am not afraid of u anymore because u went too far this time.

Everytime i try to tell u don’t overreact u started throwing things shouting banging wrecking breaking things and starting to beat me up
I tot u got better
Unfortunately i was VERY WRONG

I am gonna live MY LIFE as a normal person like how i used to live before u cane into my life and start wrecking it
U deal and be responsible with ur own actions
I always tell u dont do this n begged but u manipulates and still find ur ways around to come back to me
I kept quiet because i tell myself u r young n i forgive u and let u have ur time to grow n learn
But u have brought this so far
I just escaped death from emergency ward and nine hours later u brought me catastrophe and life threatening scenarios AGAIN
U just grew more violence and slicker

I have nothing to lose anymore
Even if u want to use ur lawyer friends or police friends and i have no one. I WILL MAKE MY VOICE LOUD AND CLEAR.
So that i can stop other woman from domestic violence that i had to go thru.
This is WRONG.
And i am going to finally do something about it

Two years , i HAD ENOUGHU r a lawyer and u threaten me for two yearsI am gonna make this right ONCE AND FOR ALLI know…

Posted by Leng Yein on Thursday, March 22, 2018


Gone are the days where Muslims in Singapore would have to endure the traffic jam to Malaysia just to enjoy a fresh, 6 inch sandwich served in less than 5 minutes. Subway in Singapore has applied for halal certification and has declared that they will stop selling pork today (21/03/2018).

The move has seen mixed reactions where half of them are happy that they can enjoy Subway, and one unhappy over the fact that they are unable to enjoy bacon and ham on their sandwiches. We are just happy that we have an additional outlet to bring our Muslim friends over so that they can enjoy their meals guilt-free.

Is this a good marketing ploy for Subway? Or do you think their business and taste will go downhill from here?

Do let us know, but please be nice about it.

MAN ARRESTED AFTER 6 HOUR STAND OFF WITH THE POLICE @ HO CHING ROAD Tue, 20 Mar 2018 13:49:24 +0000 Singapore police force has posted an update on the news at Ho Ching road.


On 20 March 2018 at about 1.00 pm, the Police and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) were conducting a joint operation at a unit at Blk 114 Ho Ching Road.

A 50-year-old man refused to open the door and had locked himself in the house with his family members upon seeing Police and CNB officers. The man had armed himself with a knife and threatened to harm the officers if they enter the unit.

At about 5.50 pm, officers from the Special Operations Command gained entry into the unit and arrested the man. The man’s elderly father and girlfriend were not harmed throughout the incident. Substances believed to be controlled drugs and other drug paraphernalia were found in the unit.

The man was arrested for criminal intimidation and suspected drug-related offences.

Police and CNB investigations are ongoing.

Source: Facebook post by Singapore Police Post

91-YEAR-OLD MISSING. PLEASE HELP SHARE AND FIND HIM!! Tue, 20 Mar 2018 08:56:55 +0000 #sgpoliceappeal 91-year-old Chinese man missing since 17/03/18 @1900hrs.

Last seen at 501 West Coast Drive. If found, please contact the police.

SINGAPORE’S 4TH TELCO OFFERING FREE MOBILE PLAN FOR 65-YEARS-OLD AND ABOVE Tue, 20 Mar 2018 01:41:02 +0000 TPG Telecom will be targeting announced yesterday that senior citizens that are above 65-years-old will be entilted to free 3GB monthly data + unlimited local calls for 24 months.

TPG is encouraging the elderly to use mobile devices such as surfing web or using chat apps.

“We have chosen to focus on assisting senior citizens as our first initiative to demonstrate our commitment to improving what is available for the community,” said executive chairman David Teoh. “Of course, TPG will have other exciting mobile offers for the public in the near future.”


WOMAN CLAIM GRAB DRIVER MOLEST HER AND TOUCH HER THIGH Mon, 19 Mar 2018 13:40:05 +0000 HEY FRIENDS, WATCH OUT FOR THIS GRABHITCH DRIVER. He had the audacity to touch my thighs while i was sleeping and made suggestive comments🤷🏻‍♀️ Shame on you for thinking there’re no consequences for your actions. I hope the police finds you soon🙂 Do share this post if you can!

Edit: removed

Edit 2: removed

Edit 3: Maybe I wasn’t clear enough but yes i have already made a police report.

Edit 4: Grab has reached out to me. Apparently this driver also drives normal grabcar. An investigation is ongoing on their side.

Edit 5: Sadly, i have to remove his phone number to protect myself against PDPA. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Edit 6: For those who thought he was trying to wake me up, this happened while we were on the highway. I felt his hand on my thigh so i woke up. At first I thought it was just an accident so pushed his hand away. He insistently pushed his hand towards me. After i told him that i have a boyfriend, his exact words were “he don’t have to know”. I don’t see how this could be a misunderstanding. Also, I have more than enough cash to pay for the ride. Before I exited the car, he apologised for what he did and said that I was too hard to resist.

to those tds at jurong point ts wondering why i stopped and chased after my paxs after they alight 6 meter later

cb kia n gf got on my cab 00:24… i on meter n ask them where going
then while girl tell me b. batok the guy asked loudly why meter already onnn !!!!

point out to him cab clock n meter on timing n he still insist i on the meter while waiting for paxs!!!

told him off n same time ask him if he think i cheat on him I’ll terminate the ride

while he alight he spat on my backseat… that was when i get off n go after him

confront him n ready for a fight he lan lan wipe off his sputum

ccb think old uncle can anyhow bully


GEYLANG MONK SCAM “LUCKY BRACELET FOR $50” Mon, 19 Mar 2018 02:44:33 +0000 Last weekend at a Durian shop in Geylang a monk approached me and said he will give me enlightenment and luck. Initially, i was just picking the Durians and notice a monk was standing near the durian shop and stared at the customers buying Durian.

While eating the Durians, the monk approach me and started chanting some nonsense. He said to me in PRC accent

“You are the man I have been searching for, I am here today to provide you guidance for your life and career”

I ignored him and continue eating the durian

“Young man, listen! Heed my words or great disaster will fall upon your family and love ones”

I replied: “You better stop cursing my family or i make sure this great durian will fall upon your shiny head”

Monk: ” Young man, control your temper. I have a solution for you, this magical braclet as been blessed with the holy flowers of ( i dono wtf he saying here) ”

Me: “You trying to sell me stuff?”

Monk: “Monks don’t practice selling of stuff, we merely call it renting of good luck from the master. All you need to do is provide $50 for me to buy food and be on my way”

Me: “I calling police now”

The monk panicked and ran away. What a loser.Now a days i notice more and more fake monk and nuns at Geylang. I even heard some fake nuns by day, disco girl at night”


MAN GOT SCAMMED $45,000 FROM WECHAT GIRL Mon, 19 Mar 2018 02:18:12 +0000 By Anonymous

I was being scammed by a girl that I know from skout, she from China.

After knowing her for 2 days. She requested me to help her by transferring money to a particular website for her to help her mum due to her mum need to go surgery. So she would exchange cash from her boss/colleague and she would return me asap but till now I haven’t got back my money. That she scammed me for more than $45,000.

Pls be careful.

WeChat ID: ya659064
Name: 黄小雅
ID: G83937896
She may have changed another WeChat ID