Singapore Uncensored – Bringing you uncensored news! Thu, 18 Jan 2018 02:11:34 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Singapore Uncensored – Bringing you uncensored news! 32 32 JALAN BOON LAY. RIM PLATES FLY OUT, BUMPER DAMAGE EVEN BIKES AFFECTED!!! Thu, 18 Jan 2018 02:08:40 +0000 Seems like multiple netizens suffered from car damages after driving through this road along 352 Jalan Boon Lay.One of the videos even show car parts everywhere, two rims and bumper and even motorbikes damaged.

Drivers, please take note!!!

Lets hope LTA can take action soon or our road tax don’t know pay for what road. Some netizens said that it is possible to make claims against the LTA. But not sure the process is so simple.

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What do you guys think?

Fckin hell road not maintained

Posted by Fiq Fiquera on Wednesday, January 17, 2018


CHEN YU XI JAILED! HEADBUTT POLICE OFFICER AND CAUSE PUBLIC NUISANCE AT YISHUN! Thu, 18 Jan 2018 01:43:53 +0000 31-year-old Chen Yu Xi was arrested after she caused public nuisance with a toy samurai knife at a coffee shop, She even resisted arrest, she was carried into the police car when kicked the head of a female police. She was sentenced to three months ‘ imprisonment and fined $400.
The defendant Chen face charges of public nuisance and the use of force to obstruct civil servants from carrying out their duties. The case revealed that at about 7 o’clock last August 31, She had a meeting with a male friend at the coffee shop in block No. 418, Yishun Road, to share a table with a female diner, when the defendant’s papers fell on the table, causing the female diners to be dissatisfied, and the two men quarreled and the female diners left.
About 15 minutes later, while the defendant was talking on the phone, she suddenly made noises and the other diners asked her to be quiet. Friends tried to take the defendant away, but the defendant refused, and shouted in English: “I do not go anywhere!” , and warned his friends not to touch her.
In the ruckus, the nearby male diners saw the defendant had a samurai knife on the table, so he reported to police, but later confirmed that it is a flashing LED lamp toy shaped like a Samurai knife.
When the police arrived and brought the accused to the foot of the block for questioning, the defendant was very excited and struggled during the arrest, and was suppressed by several policemen. The defendant was carried to the police car. While the police was trying to put her in the car she continued shouting and reacted violently.
She even provoked the police unless the police break her legs, she won’t enter the vehicle.
Police continued to carry the defendant into the car, the defendant stretched her foot against the car door, a female police attempted to move the defendant’s foot into the police car, the defendant took the opportunity to kick her left hand, female police felt numbness for a moment, the defendant used this opportunity to headbutt the female officer. Leading to female police to feel dizziness.
The defendant was last sentenced to three months ‘ imprisonment and fined $400.

This cat has been with us for more than 10 years . It’s been considered as a residents cat . Everyday , few aunties and uncles will feed him along with few other cats . He will always walk past my house or even goes into my house to find food coz i have 3 cats as pets which i feed .

Then came this sad news by my neighbour Eiswandy Bohari Eis Wandy telling me that the cat which he named it Senget had died . Stab mark were found on its soft palate . Sadly , he died at the foot of the stairs right under my void deck . Whoever does this , may you rot in hell . Police are still investigating . This issue has already been escalated to the MPs . They will not take this issue lightly .

Hope the culprit will be caught and sentence to a heavy term . My heart really sunk when i heard this news . I cant bear to see it die . All those staying Pandan , pls help to catch this f*cker .

Taken from Facebook user Mahlil Gallagher.

BUS DRIVER USED RACIST VULGARITIES AGAINST LTA OFFICER (VIDEO) Wed, 17 Jan 2018 09:01:39 +0000 Pls share..officer just told him no waiting in double zigzag line, just move away. Instead, the Malay driver came out & give racist comment and use vulgarities also ask the officer to go away.

He just doing his job. Authorities pls take action.

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STRANGERS WAITING OUTSIDE SCHOOL TRIED TO LURE GIRL UP HIS VAN Wed, 17 Jan 2018 05:21:23 +0000 So far two schools have reported that female students were approached by a man in a white van asking them to board the vehicle.

This has happened to two schools Tanglin Trust  School & UWC South East Asia.

So far this has happened to two international schools. But what is stopping these people to approach girls from public schools?

Parents please take note and share this info to other parents you know.

Read the details below:

Dear parents,

It has been brought to our attention that one of our Middle School students was approached on Dover Road yesterday afternoon, Thursday 11 January, by a man driving a van. He drove alongside her as she was waiting for the bus and called to her from the road, telling her to get into the van. The student took exactly the right action: she did not respond, walked away in the opposite direction of the van, and informed a known adult. She and her parents filed a police report yesterday.

We will be speaking to students in age-appropriate ways over the next few days, reminding them that they should never respond to approaches of this kind, but move away and tell a known adult.

You may want to remind your children how to keep themselves safe in situations such as these. Those of you with younger children may wish to raise the issue with helpers and other care-givers as well. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

FOREIGN WORKER BEG DOG RESCUE ORGANISATION TO ACCEPT HIS DONATIONS Wed, 17 Jan 2018 04:36:45 +0000 What does a ten-dollar note mean to you? An uber ride? 3 cups of bubble tea? 3 plates of chicken rice? Well, to a foreign worker, it could mean a month’s school fees for his child back in his hometown and a day of toiling in the hot sun. Would you give up such a precious piece of paper without receiving anything in return? Not many people would.

We have met people who would not even give it up in return for a cute calendar filled with cute pictures and heartwarming stories of our doggies. Yet, during one of our regular stray feeding sessions last Saturday, one of the foreign workers from a factory that we visit every week actually approached us to beg us to accept his ten-dollar note. He hoped that we could use that sum of money to buy food for the doggies on his behalf.

We initially refused his kind gesture and asked him to keep his money as we felt really bad to take his hard-earned money. Usually, workers approach us for canned food, kibbles or medication for the doggies. This was the first time that a worker had approached us to offer us money. However, the worker was adamant that we take his money and was choking and tearing as he spoke to us. We simply could not bring ourselves to reject him further. He told us that he felt guilty that he could not do more for the dogs at the factory as he could only go to the factory once a week. He badly wanted us to accept his money and feed the doggies on his behalf. As he spoke, tears began welling up in his eyes. We also started sniffing and tearing when we saw that, so we accepted his scrunched up ten-dollar note with much gratitude. Each fold in the ten-dollar note seemed to represent each day of guilt that went by for the worker when he could not visit the doggies to feed them personally. We were touched beyond words. Kindness writ large in the worker’s little gesture.

Thank you kind man (he did not wish to tell us his name) for loving the doggies and touching our hearts. Thank you for reminding us of the existence of kindness in this sometimes harsh and cruel world. Kind deeds and kind people like yourself keep our faith in the human race alive and spur us on in our work for the doggies. May you and the doggies be blessed with more kindness and happiness. Mark Twain once wrote that “kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see”. To that, let us add that it is a language that the non-verbal sentient beings feel and reciprocate.


SCAM SMS: “YOU HAVE 1 BITCOIN” BEWARE! DONT GET CHEATED Wed, 17 Jan 2018 04:34:19 +0000 Netizen’s submitted a photo an SMS that indicates that you have 1 bitcoin and tells you that it is worth at almost $20,000 Singapore dollars.

The links are normally deceptive links that will either solicit you to buy stuff or register for an account at a bogus trading website asking you to key in all your personal information and waiting to steal all of it.

So beware! Do not be greedy!

Well, we are not saying all of them are scam’s but most of them are and definitely, no one will give you $20,000 for free right? That’s kind of common sense.

If you want to learn about bitcoin the right way. You can probably read the article below.


NETIZEN CLAIM PRC PROSTITUTE USE BLACK MAGIC TO CHEAT OLD MAN Wed, 17 Jan 2018 04:26:24 +0000 “Blk 58 #XX-XX Marine Terrace中国妓女Zhang Mian专长用降头术诱惑老男人”

A netizen posted a post online with the details of a PRC woman, who he claimed that the woman uses “black magic” to seduce old man.

What do you guys think?

Facebook Source: Tan Tan

NETIZEN DISAPPOINTED AFTER NS 50 VOUCHER DELIVERED TO WRONG ADDRESS Wed, 17 Jan 2018 04:20:03 +0000 I am very disappointed over an incident that happened this afternoon.

This afternoon, I called in to enquire on the NS 50 vouchers which my father has failed to received even though we filled in the form and indicated our options many months ago. A customer service officer, Freda, told me that the parcel was rebounced to them. I was shocked. Why didn’t anyone inform us that the parcel has renounced? Should I have not made the call, we will never ever be able to receive the parcel.

I requested for her to resend the parcel and told her my address. Freda told me the address on the parcel was wrong. It was sent to a different block number. I was puzzled. We received the form and letter from Home Team. Shouldn’t Home Team have my address? Secondly, who in the world will have their address written wrongly? There is a postal code which consist of the block number, what is the chances of getting both wrong? Clearly, this isn’t my fault. Yet, Freda righteously told me that I can only collect it at Balestier(Actually it is Toa Payoh).

So you mean that we have apply leave, purposely go down to a faraway place, to collect a gift of appreciation by our country to my father to thank him for his contribution to NS and to the country? And over something which is clearly not our problem? Great sincerity and effort in rectifying a problem. I was very angry and later on, Freda told me that she can send the vouchers to me via normal mail but she will not be responsible if it is a lost mail. So you mean we, the recipient, has to bear the risk of a problem that arised because of the Home Team’s fault? So we innocent civilians have to suffer the consequences of your inability?

I requested for her to mail the item to me without any risk bore by me or my family. If it is a lost mail, I will still have to make a police report and go through an ordeal just to get what I deserved. I told her to escalate this issue and put in the request if she is not able to make such decision. She told me she will get back to me by today, but sadly she did not.

Looking at the other public posts, my father is the not the only one affected. Something is clearly wrong in the process of dispatching the vouchers. It is meant to show appreication to people, not to stir undesirable emotions. Be truthful and sincere. This has clearly brought down the level of public service in Singapore and it disappoints people.

Please resolve the issues as soon as possible. At least, keep to your promise of returning my request with a call.

MR SOFTEE IS BACK AT TWO 7-11 OUTLETS CURRENTLY PRICED AT $1.50! Tue, 16 Jan 2018 09:41:42 +0000 Remember the icecream that we used to eat?? MR softee! It back again!! I wonder how long will it last this time?

It is currently available at two 7-Eleven outlets:

Blk 152A Gangsa Road, Singapore 671152

Blk 689B Choa Chu Kang Drive #01-306, Singapore 682689

Source: FB post by  Muhammad Syawal