Father reports 20-year old son for cutting electronic tracker during house arrest!!


On Feb 18 when a father found out that the son who was under house arrest had remove his electronic tracker, decided to turn his son in by calling the police himself.

In front of his family members and a mutual female friends the man was seized and bought off by police officers at around 2pm in Braddell Mrt station.

One of the family member was discovered to be yelling at him. “Why must you be like this?”

The young man was serving a house arrest with the need to wear an electronic tracker on his ankle without fail based on what the young’s man father said.

Reporting to a police officer at planned intervals and a strict curfew was something he had to abide by.


The young man not only didn’t report to the police officer but also didn’t not went home. The father painfully called the police on his own son when he showed up at home without his electronic tracker on his ankle.

When he found out that his dad had called the cops on him he departed from home with haste.

A passer-by at Braddell Mrt Station claim that several uniform police officers was chasing after the suspect with the man jumping over the gantry and attempted to escape to the plaform with police officer arming themselves with stun guns.

An official statement release from the police arrested was made due the young man verbally abusing a civil servant and being a public annoyance.

Case is said to be still under investigation




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