Father Punch 14 Year Old Daughter Repeatedly Till Blood Came Out Of Mouth


abuse_censored(Image for reference)The daughter was supposed to attend a cycling event when the father attacked her daughter repeatedly. Punching areas like chest, stomach and face and even resort to kicking her head when she fell on the ground.

This happened on Dec 18 when the father leave home for work and notice that there was some clutter on the floor. The father shouted at his wife with vulgarities and told her to clean up. The father mentioned on the phone that he will come home later and “fight” with her.

The teenager was doing housework and she got tired and fell asleep. The daughter missed the cycling event that was signed up by the father. Realising she had failed to attend the event she was afraid of her father.

The father came home later that night smelling like alcohol and shouted at his wife and slammed the house door a few times.

The wife and daughter ran out of the home and hide. The father went out to look for them and apologised and told them to go home.

The mother and daughter proceeded to returned one. But the problem is once they were back the father that reek of alcohol started to get abusive and started to punch and attack the daughter even though the wife beg for the husband to stop.

The father was sentenced to 15 months jail.


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