Father found guilty of abusing four of his five children


image(Image source:www.lvcriminaldefense.com)

On Thursday(21 July 2016)a 35 years old father was convicted to court for abusing four of his five children(aged eight months to eleven years old by now)over a period of two years in Singapore.

The man stepped on his son hand causing his wrist to break, and holding his five months old baby girl upside down by one leg and punched her while she is crying.

The man also used a rubber hose to hit his nine years old son on his legs and arms, he also slapped and punched the boy in the face.

A Ministry of Social and Family(MSF)child protection officer visited the family and found bruises and burn mark on his six years old son.

The father threaten the officer when she told him that she wanted to bring the boy to the hospital by saying “If you bring him to hospital you won’t see me any more.

The prosecution wants the father to be jailed for three years. Sentencing is expected next Thursday.




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