Please help to share & spread around! Would really appreciate if you can do that & keep at lookout for this person as this is VERY serious & urgent!!:

This guy called, Gordon Chee Guo Ren , who is currently 16 years old who ran away from home and pulled his 14 year old Girlfriend along for about 2 weeks now. They lied to both my friend and I, saying that they got kick out the house, as such, we helped them by giving food and stay at our house.
However, 2 days ago, we insisted & forced them to go home, instead they gave us a wrong address and ran away from then again as Gordon jump into the taxi and may have threatened her not to go home . Of course, we have already make a police report but so far,no news from the police.
If you do see Gordan & his girlfriend, please IMMEDIATELY call the police or best first, instantly pm me with a image of them to double check. The girl’s father is very worried about her well-being now and this is their 3rd time running away from home.

*NOTES to be re-assured*
Do note: He is going around begging for money from strangers if you see them begging for money, please call the police ASAP as the police is looking for him.
Last seen: Tampines, Jurong Point, Boon Lay & Ang Mo Kio (AMK with his 1 boy friend)
What they are bringing: They have a total of 4 bags with 1 big dog soft toy and a small pink rabbit soft toy
How they look:
Gordan & his gf are wearing slippers & other people’s shirt.
Gordan is at a height of 179cm while his gf is at 157cm.
Gordan has a mushroom hair style while his gf has long straight black hair (around chest level) with long side bangs. She has a lot of blemishes & nerdy looking.
The girl is also wearing thin ciruclar black frame Korean-style spectacles (circlular at the bottom & flat on the top)

*negative & joking comments will be INSTANTLY deleted off as this is a serious issue. Please be considerate as the girl’s father, my friend & me has been looking for them for the past 4 days until 5 a.m. everyday, hoping to find them. So we seek your cooperation into taking this matter by hand. We will be very grateful if you can find them & update the last time you saw them or Gordan begging for money*

Gordon if you see this post, I URGE you to just surrender before your charges are added up. This is your final warning.

Source: FB post by Iris Tan Xin Yi


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