My name is Lili Surani, and I’m appealing to the general public to help my daughter, Viona Qiu, who is 2 years and 7 months.

Viona is diagnosed with hepatoblastma, her liver is enlarged measuring at least 15.4cm, with gall bladder collapsed.We are from Batam, and initially, we thought we can seek help from Malaysia when we think the medical fees are cheaper, however, doctors there told us to come to Singapore instead as they have no means and medical facility to treat her.

She has to go through 4 cycles of chemotherapy prior to her next surgery scheduled at 2 July 2017 and follow by 2 more cycle of chemotherapy after surgery.

The surgery is to remove the tumour in her, and hopefully she can survived the ordeal.

She’s a very strong girl, and even though she’s in pain, she will not show, and continue to encourage us to stay strong for her.

We came from an average family in Batam Indonesia, and our financial status is not that great. Even when we’re in Singapore, we’re sleeping in KK Hospital next to my daughter, and sometime in the Indonesia Embassy.

Her surgery and chemotherapy would cost in total around $200,000 SGD, and we’ve paid up close to $15,000 SGD, beg and borrow from family members and we hope we can raise around $185,000 SGD through your kind donations.

Every cent and dollar counts, and no amount is too small to help us to save our daughter.

Thank you for reading and for your kind donation to us.


Lili – Mother of Viona

You can help her here:


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