Fake Police Man – Cheat bangla workers for $20 and get arrested


Untitled-22Young 22 year old was in need of cash when his friends struck an idea, pretending to be police officers.

Muhammad Syawalludin Razali pretended to be a police man with Singapore post security pass and tell the workers that there is a on going under cover raid in the area.

He used littering as an excuse and force to bangla to pay a fine of $500.

The bangla could not afford that sum, he started negotiating with the worker from 500 to 300 to 20 dollars.

He even had to follow the bangla back to the dormitory to get the money.

After leaving with the $20, the workers happen to see a real police on patrol and reported the incident to him…

Following the report, the police has arrested Muhammad Syawalludin Razali and his accomplices…

Muhammad Syawalludin Razali was sentenced to 6months in jail.


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