F* up colleague asked to share TOTO $200 each then MIA



(Image souce: hongbaodraw.singaporepools.com)

Dear Singapore Uncensored,

I’m here to warn the rest of the peoples that shared TOTO with their colleagues, i had encounter this experience recently for the $12M Hong Bao Draw on 10/02/2017.

This F* up colleague of ours asked us to share $200 each and then he MIA on the day itself which is on 10/02/2017, there is total 9 of us shared TOTO with him which is $1800 on his hand.

He didn’t even share with us the number he brought.

We did shared last year but there was no luck so we tried this year again hoping for better luck but never expected this to happen.

We tried to contact him through his mobile but could reach him. It been 2 days we still couldn’t contact him.
Maybe we super suay this year of c*ck, kena this kind of luck, didn’t win nvm but kena cheated.

Please share around to warn the rest, SHARE TOTO WITH ANYONE AT YOUR WON RISK.

By Albert


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