Ex Husband Chop Woman With 18CM KNIFE At Hougang Ave 9


hougang_stabbing_knife_attack_divorce_custody_112-Oct-2016 at approximately 10.40 in the morning. A woman was attacked at Hougang Ave 9.

G.Abihilast attacked Madam Leong Waikin who had just exit her vehicle. Seems like the attacker has been waiting for Madam Leong’s arrival. Mdm Leong was stabbed by a knife at the unloading area of blk 961. Although mdm leong tried to escape by running around the car she could not escape him.

The dispute is believed to be because of custody of their children.

She is bleeding with multiple cuts and stabs from top to bottom. As seen from the image people are helping to stop the hemorrhage.

After Abhilast arrest. He was alloed $20,000 bail.

This kind of people should be denied bail.



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