Electronic Magnet Shield For MRT? How The Public Respond?



(image source: SB Forum)

The Land Transport Authority is hoping to introducing an electromagnetic shield on MRT trains after a baffling sign impedance disturbed administration on the Circle Line three weeks back.

“I think people don’t really care how they do it. this technical issue is theirs not ours. JUST FIX IT”

“Better shield it to look like a bullet train. Hahaha. I went to Russia recently and phone Signal worked fine even it’s deeper than SG. Some More, no indication of delay of any trains on any of the 40+ year-old train system.
By the way, train breakdowns are not NEWS in other countries. Cos seldom breakdown. Haha.”

If it is electromagnetic interference, then a shield will work. Try on one train first n test it. No more smart phone tapping in the train. Good to our health?”



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