*Update* thank you all for your positive and negative comments and assistance. The eye witness has already provided me the in car camera video footage. In the video my dad has clearly raised his hand to signal his intention to cross the road. The car which captured the accident stopped and gave way to him. He saw that the 2nd lane was clear therefore he proceeded forward.

Little did he expect a car to speed round the slip road and bang him. Look at the cars on the 2nd lane b4 the accident and make your judgment again. Yes, most of you ask why didn’t my dad dismount and push the bicycle across the road? Now my question back to u, even if he did, can the accident be avoided? Will he be able to avoid it in time? It works both ways. My dad has already taken the precaution. He always warn me of his near misses when crossing the road.

Nevertheless I thank everyone who has offered me their assistance in claims and messages. My priority now is to have my dad recover well as he is in ICU now.

Have a great Chinese new year holiday everyone. Pls drive safe and look out for each other.

Hi all. My dad just got into an accident at corporation road near JJC at the zebra crossing. He was hit by a silver Toyota altis sjd7035p around 5.55pm on 13th Feb 2018. He was riding a pink bicycle. If any of u manage to pass by and witness the accident pls let me know. Thank you

Source: FB post by Yiep Soon


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