Durian Seller Rape Beautician By Offering Durian With Sleeping Pills



Image Source: youtube.com( Image for illustration)

A durian fruit dealer assaulted a beautician in her salon in the wake of offering her durian bound with resting pills in Taichung, Taiwan.

As indicated by The Star by means of AsiaOne, the man had pulverized two resting pills into a powder before spreading it on the durian tissue.

He then purportedly requested that the lady attempt the natural product on the appearance that a past client had griped that it was biting.

He then left the lady’s salon however returned following a few hours to discover the beautician lying lightheaded on a couch.

He then constrained himself onto her as she was excessively feeble, making it impossible to fight him off.

Before leaving, he took her to the lavatory to clean up.

The beautician’s sister landed at the salon in the wake of neglecting to contact her on her cell telephone and was stunned to discover the beautician in a rumpled state.

The man was sentenced to eight years and six months prison for his demonstration submitted last May.


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