Dumbest Manager In The Whole Of Singapore


asas_censored(Image for reference)

Hi SU,

I work in XXX company. I had no idea that someone who don’t even know how to use Microsoft Word can be a manager. This woman in my organisation do not even know how to BOLD text and cannot even perform simple task like saving a document.

She save her document on her own desktop and she cant even find it. Sometimes the world is unfair as long you have a piece of cert. I do not understand why companies can just hire someone easily without even verifying basic office skills. There is no competency test.

Regardless of age or experience a person that move on from a previous company as a manager level to our current company should have the most basic office skills.Is she trying to say for the past companies she work with only used paper and pen????

Im annoyed that she is asking me day and night on how to do basic stuff. Should i be her manager instead???!



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