Drunk Pinoy Nurse Jailed 5 Weeks After Attacking Taxi Driver’s Face


edz-ello-singapore_0A 31 year old Pinoy nurse   Arey Lauren Loretizo Dela Cruz was charged in court. After getting drunk at Orchard towers. The attacker board Mr Tan Kok Peng’s (age 59 )taxi at approximately 3am.

On the way to the attackers home at Simei Street 2 Blk 141. The nurse was out of control and had to vomit in the taxi. When the taxi reached the destination, the drunk nurse realise wallet only got $10. He told Mr tan to follow up his home on the 11th floor to take more money.

Mr Tan followed him up. On the way up,He took a photo of the drunk nurse incase the drunk nurse runs away.

The drunk nurse got unhappy with Mr Tan’s actions and started a vicious assault till the old man was on the floor

After the lift door open the drunk nurse ran away. Luckily there passersby which help alert the police.

The drunk nurse got arrested and was sentenced to 5 weeks of jail.



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