Drunk Man Pee In Bishan HDB Elevator Infront My Daughters!!!



Dear SG Uncensored,

Last Saturday evening, My daughters are only age 8 and 10. I brought them home from supper after swimming class at Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex. They have to witness something disgusting that might ruined their brains for life.

We stay nearby the swimming complex so normally we take our time to scroll home. It was almost 9pm when we reach our block and take the elevator up. Just before the door close a drunk looking men that stink so bad entered the lift and started to put his head against the lift buttons panel.

Right after the lift door closes, he unzip his pants and started peeing. I covered my girl’s eyes and shouted at the men. He turned around look at me for a moment and turned back and continued his business. He totally ignore me telling him to stop whatever he’s doing.

The lift door opened and i pulled my girls out of the elevator. The men remained in the lift. Why are there so many weirdos at yio chu kang!?

Submitted by: Mr Ling


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