Stupidity hits a new low.

Sunday night I caught 2 workers getting drunk, they pulled down their pants and peed in public at 7plus pm. Along a walkway where women, children and people walk. Obvious I shouted at them to pack up and get lost.

The next day I told their construction site thinking they could do a briefing to inform their workers what not to do in public. I got told off by their foreman. Ok

I called up National Environment Agency for 2 issues- urinating in public spaces where people walk (rats urine affects people, surely human urine is worse) and the increase in mosquito breeding due to the demolition works.

Instead of checking on their site and listening to my feedback- a guy by the name of Stephen “Sundarah”- called my mobile claiming to be from NEA and instead of checking on the construction site insisted on coming to my house to check.
I told him about the construction site – and he said construction site will NEVER have mosquito or people pissing in public.

NEA first- I don’t know if his stephen is a NEA person or from the construction site. Heard of PDPA?? Did I give you my number to pass around?

NEA- I don’t give a fish if your officers are friends with the consruction people or if they think they can bully someone. Try me.

NEA- Do your job. Do you think construction sites don’t have mosquitos or even water ponding. Asking the wrong person.

If this is the case- if I report a fire at a location, does the fire department come to my house rather than the location? Or if I spot a crime being committed, police comes to check my house rather than catch the criminals?

Stupidity hits a new low.Sunday night I caught 2 workers getting drunk, they pulled down their pants and peed in…

Posted by Raj Singh on Thursday, March 22, 2018


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