Drunk ang moh touch my girl friend at Clark quay!!!



Was having drinks with my girl friend at Clark Quay last weekend. While i returned from the toilet a drunk ang moh came by and tried to get a hook up session with my girlfriend.

It was around 11pm. A old looking ang moh with short hair with shorts and rolled up shirt approach my girlfriend asked

“wanna have a good time you Asian popcorn?”

It was then where i return and saw the old man talking to my girlfriend. I took out my Iphone and snap a picture of his face. Just nice has going to touch her shoulder. Luckily i came back in the nick of time to confront the ang moh. Looks like that ang moh was waiting for a chance for me to leave the table and do the unthinkable.

After seeing my return the Ang moh back off acted drunk and ran off. Why so many ang moh come Asian countries so desperate? They bring nothing but shame to their home countries as public nuisance.



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