Drugs And Parang At Telok Blangah Car Chase 5km. One Person Knock Over!!!!


34059292_-_14_01_2017_-_0113-l_rui_ming_-_jing_fei_zhui_zhu_lower_delta_junction(image source: Shin Min News)

A car rental company rented out a vehicle to a driver with a “bad record”. The employee of the company of was suspicious of the guy and tailed him.

After following the driver for a while he decided to ask him to step out of the car(Honda). The driver ran over him. His injuries was not heavy.

Fortunately there was a police vehicle that was nearby and the police took action and chase the car for 5km.

After realising that the police was on his tail the Honda went into and out of Telok Blangah area 2 to 3 times. Only slowing down at a junction later on near Lower Delta Road after something went wrong with the car.

According to Shin Min, Police found a parang and medicine in the car. This was only possible after the police smash the windscreen of the vehicle with a baton to force the suspects out of the car.


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