Drivers who smoke. Take note and do not anyhow throw ur cigarette butt. Ur being watched n fine will come to u anytime soon.

Don’t say never tell you ah, you never known when the ninjas are looking at you and you get a silent Samman from behind

List of Places or Public Service Vehicles Where Smoking is Prohibited
  • Omnibuses, private buses, private hire buses, school buses, and excursion buses
  • Taxis, private hire cars during paid chauffeured service, and trishaws
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Lifts
  • Amusement centres
  • Clinical laboratories, healthcare establishments, hospital compounds , maternity homes, medical clinics, and nursing homes
  • Indoor ice-skating rinks, roller skating rinks, and roller discotheques
  • Public libraries, public museums, and public art galleries
  • Halls, ballrooms, and function rooms when used for meetings, conferences, seminars, courses, and exhibitions
  • Indoor sports arena, bowling alleys, billiard saloons, gymnasiums, aerobic centres, and fitness centres
  • Banks
  • The Supreme Court, the State Courts, the Family Courts, the Youth Courts, and the Tribunal for the Maintenance of Parents
  • Offices and common areas of office buildings
  • Factory floors
  • Pavilions within any residential premises or building
  • Changi Airport terminal buildings
  • Queues in public places
  • Selected air-con areas/facilities in private clubs
  • Shops
  • Washrooms, including mobile toilets
  • Bus interchanges and terminus
  • Bus stops, bus shelters, and bus poles, including any area within a five metres radius
  • Swimming pools, including changing and shower rooms
  • Stadiums
  • Community buildings/centres/clubs
  • Hawker centres
  • Food retail establishments
  • Entertainment outlets such as discotheques, pubs, bars, lounges, and night clubs
  • Shopping malls and complexes
  • Covered and underground pedestrian walkways
  • Lifts, including lift lobbies, and hotel lobbies
  • Markets
  • Multi-storey and basement carparks
  • Ferry terminals and piers
  • Any area within five metres of ventilation intakes, external windows, openings, entrances , and exits to buildings where smoking is prohibited
  • Playgrounds and exercise areas
  • Common areas in residential buildings (e.g. common corridors, void decks, stairwells)
  • Covered drop-off and pick-up points
  • Pedestrian overhead bridges
  • Reservoirs
  • Parks under the purview of Jurong Town Corporation
  • Parks in public housing estates managed by the respective Town Councils
  • Premises occupied by the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)
  • Educational institutions and their compounds, including kindergartens, child care centres, special education schools, madrasahs, primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges/centralised institute, polytechnics, the campuses of the Institute of Technical Education, private education institutions, and autonomous universities, including any area within five metres of the school compound

Source: NEA


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