For more than 35 minutes I sat and ate my food while I watched this Spitz as it was tied to the pole, without enough lead for it to lie down. I could see It wanted to lie down but couldn’t because the leash was preventing It from doing so.

It disturbed me greatly.

I couldn’t take it so after 35 mins I walked over to check if it had any contact number where I can call to check with owners, I didn’t want to be one of those people who didn’t investigate, in case it was abandonment. A lady who looked like a domestic helper (pardon my generalisation) approached me a few mins later as I tried to give the dog more lead to lie down.

I told her this was not right. She asked me why. I said you didn’t give the dog enough lead for it to at least lie down. She said ok and took the dog, and returned to 2 other ladies who also look like domestic helpers.

They had been eating and chatting nearby and were probably not pleased at my intervention. If she was really a helper, I’d like to make a point to dog owners, please take more care into your dog’s welfare.

The dog could have been easily abducted by me or anyone. Don’t relegate duties to your helper or at least check if they know how to care properly for the dog.

Source: Jamie Lee


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