Today we rescued 52 new dogs, majority of them are Hdb approved breeds, they were being transported by our Fur-Rari from point to point.

And we will be having our adoption drive next weekend. 15th & 16th July 2017, Saturday and Sunday. Time is from 1.00pm to 5.00pm. Location is at Mutts and Mittens, address is No 11 Pasir Ris farmway 2.

The breeds that are available,
1) pugs
2) French bulldog (Non Hdb approved)
3) golden retriever (Non Hdb approved)
4) Boxer (non Hdb approved)
5) Chow chow ( Non Hdb approved)
6) Shiba Inu ( Non Hdb approved)
7) Golden retriever crossed ( Non Hdb approved)
8) German Shepherd ( Non Hdb approved)
9) Corgi (Non Hdb approved
10) Cross breed (Non Hdb approved)
11) Japanese Spitz
12) Shetland sheepdog
13) Beagle (Non Hdb approved)
14) Poodles
15) Pomeranians
16) Chihuahuas
17) Shih Tzu
18) Maltese
19) Jack Russell terrier
20) Mini schnauzer
21) silky terrier
22) Yorkshire Terrier
23) West highland terrier
24) Cairn Terrier
25) Maltipoo
26) mini Dachshund

There will be a $250 adoption fee applies, for those who are interested, please visit our adoption drive ONLY on our adoption drive. The WHOLE family has to be present during the interviewing and screening. Any false applications and information, application will be rejected immediately.

We have all rights to reject any family whom we deem not suitable without any explanation

Source: Voices For Animals


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