Does Medical procedures bring revenue for public hospitals??


Do not profit on drugs

The Health Ministry should explain whether does it makes profits on the medical procedure carried out in hospitals while they states that public healthcare institution do not profit from drugs they prescribe on 10/3/2017

Procedure costs $3,000 at SGH vs $1,600 at private hospital

From my understanding while going through a positron emission tomography (PET) scan would cost about $1600 in private hospital while in Singapore General Hospital would cost a patient without subsidisation about $3,000.

It would be good for MOH to not only gather a list of the non-subsidised cost of procedures and put it on its website patient to compare. Eg CT scans, MRIs and so forth.

Markup % on overheads & operations’ costs?

What is the percentage margin markup of drugs for overheads and operations’ costs?

What are overheads & operations’ costs?

What exactly are the overheads and operations’ costs? – Salaries, rent, utilities, logistics, etc?

Mark up % on medical procedures?

Since a positron emission tomography (PET) scan at the Singapore General Hospital may charge a non-subsidised patient 87.5 per cent more than ($3,000 divided by $1,600) a private hospital? What the percentage markup (if any) by the same sign on the medical processes

Public healthcare spending + Medisave top-ups + Medisave withdrawals = $13.2b?

Since total public healthcare spending, Medisave top-ups VS total withdrawals from Medisave, were about $13.2 billion ($9.8 + $3.4 billion)

Medisave contributions + annual % on Medisave accounts’ balances = $13.2b?

Estimated annual Medisave contributions adding the annual interest on Medisave accounts’ balances is at least $13.3 billion

Cashflow perspective – Govt not be spending a single cent on healthcare?

  • Through cash flow viewpoint if annual influxes exceed outflows ($13.3 billion – $13.2 billion) does that actually means that the Government may still not be spending a single cent on healthcare?



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